Geoffrey’s First Trial

Geoffrey Fieger

Destined to become one of the most successful trial attorneys in the country, Geoffrey Fieger wasted no time in hitting the $1 million mark in his first case, Katz v. Oakland Medical Center. While still in law school, Fieger learned that a friend’s mother ended up in a psychiatric hospital while taking major tranquilizers that created a condition later diagnosed by him as a movement disorder known as “Tardive Dyskinesia.” Geoffrey learned of this condition after reading a New York Times article. He filed suit against the State of Michigan, the doctors and the drug companies and won his first $1 million verdict for the suffering of Anita Katz. Rumor is that Geoffrey mortgaged his first house to pay for the research in the case!

Geoffrey Fieger & Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Dr. Jack Kevorkian

One of Geoffrey Fieger’s best-known clients is Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the man who became known as Dr. Death in the 1990s as a result of his assisting over one hundred people to commit suicide. Kevorkian’s medical license was revoked after the first two deaths and he eventually went to prison when he chose to represent himself. Fieger defended Kevorkian in his six murder trials, and became a nationally known for Kevorkian and his cause, citing the right of all American’s to end their suffering if mentally competent. Kevorkian choose to represent himself in his last trial and went to prison for nine years.

Today, Fieger and Kevorkian still keep in touch. When Kevorkian ran for Congress in November, 2008, Fieger joined him to watch the election results. “I knew he wouldn’t win,” Fieger said. “But I fully support Jack and what he does...I’ll always be there for him.”

The Jenny Jones Show Case

Jenny Jones

In 1999, Geoffrey Fieger and Ven Johnson obtained a $25 million jury verdict for the family of Scott Amedure against The Jenny Jones Show and Warner Brothers in the Oakland County Circuit Court. In that case—which was nationally televised daily on Court TV and referred to as The Jenny Jones case, Scott Amedure was shot and killed three days after appearing on the Jenny Jones show where he was enticed by the show to reveal a “secret crush” that he had on his male friend Jonathan Schmidt. The jury found that The Jenny Jones Show was negligent in the manner in which they deceived the show guests and incited strong emotional reactions to be revealed on live TV only to push their guests out the door once the lights and cameras were turned off. Upon returning to Detroit, Schmidt was so humiliated by the manner in which the show was conducted that he shot and killed Amedure in cold blood.

Nathaniel Abraham

Nathaniel Abraham

In 1999, Geoffrey Fieger represented Nathaniel Abraham, the youngest person ever tried for first-degree murder as an adult in the state of Michigan. The case gained national attention. Only 11 years old at the time of his arrest, his trial spotlighted the controversial issue of trying juvenile offenders in adult court. He received a verdict of second-degree murder. After trial the Court sentenced Abraham as a juvenile and sent him to a detention center until the age of 21. He was released in January 2007 but recently returned to jail after pleading guilty to drug charges.

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