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Erb’s palsy is not an inevitable disorder—it’s preventable under the right supervision and with the correct procedures. If your child has Erb’s palsy, it may be the result of a hospital’s negligence. Birth injuries can lead to permanent injury, such as the paralysis and limited mobility Erb’s palsy represents.

If your baby has been the victim of a birth injury, the expert attorneys at Fieger Law have the experience you need and the resources required to fight for the compensation and justice you deserve.

Fieger Law has won record-setting dollar verdicts and settlements in birth trauma cases. Our team of attorneys are experts in birth injury law, including cases involving brachial plexus trauma. We can help you find out who caused your child injury.

What Is a Brachial Plexus Injury?

Birth injuries can include injuries to the brachial plexus, which is a network of nerves that passes from the spinal cord through the vertebrae of the neck and into the arm. The brachial plexus influences all of the nerves of the arm, providing movement and feeling to the shoulder, arm, hand, and fingers.

Types of common brachial plexus injuries:

  • Erb’s palsy
  • Klumpke paralysis
  • Erb-Duchenne paralysis
  • Brachial palsy

Injuries to the brachial plexus can cause pain, numbness and in some cases, complete paralysis to the upper limbs. It can occur during birth and delivery due to doctor error, such as excessive stretching of the neck or pulling of the arm.

It is estimated that brachial plexus injuries occur in 0.15 to 3 of every 1,000 live births, with Erb’s palsy being the most common. Erb’s palsy refers specifically to damage or injury to the brachial plexus nerves affecting movement and rotation of the upper, and sometimes the lower arm as well.

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