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Dec 30, 2013

Dec 30, 2013

Fieger Law Attorneys Geoffrey Fieger and E. Jason Blankenship reached a
$7.5 million settlement in a general negligence action against a co-pilot
of a private aviation company involving a plane crash that led to the
death of a senior pilot.

Plaintiffs alleged that the plane crash was caused by the negligence of
co-defendant junior pilot, who inadvertently stalled the aircraft, and
then fought with the senior pilot for control of the aircraft. Plaintiffs
asserted that the junior pilot had not been trained properly.

The senior pilot suffered third-degree burns across 40 percent of his body.
He died after spending two weeks in a burn unit in excruciating pain.

Defendants argued that the accident was caused by the senior pilot. – Michigan
Lawyers Weekly


Mar 9, 2013

Mar 9, 2013

Hi I’m Geoff Fieger. People often ask me why don’t I just invest
my money in “Call Geoffrey” commercials instead of discussing
controversial issues. They ask me if I’m afraid that what I say
will alienate people who might hire me or make enemies of powerful people
who will come after me.

I have fears like everybody else and I know I’ve made a lot of powerful
enemies. It’s just that I love my country, and my state, and my
neighbors more than I fear those things.

In the end love is the only remedy for fear. Love of country, love of our
neighbors. It’s what to me makes America great. And remember, if
you don’t stand for something you end up standing for nothing.