The Poisoning of Flint

The Flint Water Crisis is finally getting the international attention it deserves. The world is wondering how - in America - children could be put at risk for serious health problems and developmental delays caused by drinking and bathing in lead-laced water.

But lead isn't the only contaminant in Flint's water.

The water has been teeming with Legionella, bacteria that can cause severe respiratory disease, pneumonia, and even death.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has acknowledged a dramatic increase in Legionnaires' disease. The MDHHS admitted that 86 cases of Legionnaires' Disease, including 9 deaths, were reported in Genesee County June, 2014-March, 2015.

More than half of those had been patients at McLaren Flint Hospital.

Of course, a hospital won't make money if it discloses a Legionnaires' outbreak from contaminated water, and Governor Snyder’s aims for a higher office would be dashed if he revealed a water and Legionnaires' emergency. They won't tell the truth about what happened to the citizens of Flint or patients at McLaren Hospital.

But we will.

Real Life Example

The truth is, 58-year-old Debra Kidd died from Legionella pneumonia on Aug. 2, 2015, just seven days after she arrived at McLaren Flint ER with a headache. The truth is, Flint knew its water supply was contaminated with Legionella by at least April, 2014, just days after the city started drawing water from the Flint River.

The truth is, state and city officials admitted they failed to treat the river water with anti-corrosive chemicals required by law, causing pipes to corrode, lead to leach, and bacteria like Legionella to proliferate.

The truth is, the hospital and the Snyder Administration poisoned an entire city and thought they could get away with it because the victims were poor, and mostly black.

Fieger Law is representing the family of Debra Kidd, along with three others who contracted LD at the hospital. We're suing the hospital and Governor Rick Snyder for $100 million.

Scores of McLaren patients developed Legionnaires' disease and nothing was done to stop the outbreak or alert the public about the deadly disease lurking within the hospital. Some patients weren't even told they contracted the disease and only found out through reviewing their own medical records more than a year later.

The truth is, we won't stand for this, and neither should you.

The people of Flint deserve justice and we intend to get it for them.

If you or someone you love contracted Legionnaires' Disease and was a patient at McLaren Hospital, call our firm at (248) 558-2315​ or submit your case online at


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