Common Types of Truck Accidents and How They Happen

Truck Falling OverTruck accidents. We hear about them all the time, but not everyone fully understands what happens and the different types of truck accidents. While also truck accidents may be considered dangerous, there are different types that can be more damaging.

Understanding the different types of truck accidents and how they happen is extremely important to moving forward through the legal process and holding the right party accountable in the event you sustain a serious injury in a truck accident.

The Different Types of Truck Accidents

Knowing the different types of truck accidents that can occur can give you a better understanding of how they may happen. Here are some of the different kinds of crashes that may occur and how dangerous they may be.

  • Jackknife accidents are when the trailer skids outwards and it creates a 90-degree angle with the cab of the truck. These often happen when a driver loses control or is forced to brake much harder than anticipated.
  • Rollover accidents are when the trailer turns over to its side, often pulling the cab of the truck with it. These can occur when the trailer is unevenly loaded or in high winds when a driver is not careful.
  • Tire blowout accidents can also occur when the tread is bad or another issue causes the tire to lose tread completely. Sometimes, these may occur when proper maintenance is overlooked and tire tread is a serious problem.
  • Under ride accidents occur when vehicles quickly approaching the rear of the truck get lodged under the trailer. These are some of the deadliest types of accidents.
  • Rear-end crashes can occur when the truck is not properly able to stop their vehicle and trailer. These can be caused by speeding, distracted, or fatigued truck drivers, or by defective brakes, or overloaded trailers on a steep hill.

There are many other types of accidents, including head-on, T-bone, lost load, wide turn, and blind spot accidents. These are very serious and often result in serious damages, especially when they occur at a high speed.

At Fieger Law, our Michigan truck accident attorneys understand how these types of accidents happen and who may be considered responsible for the injuries sustained. We aim to protect your rights if you’ve been hurt as a result of negligence.

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