What Is the Glasgow Coma Scale?

Two doctors looking at brainWhen an individual undergoes a diagnosis for the severity of a traumatic brain injury, the symptoms experienced are most often the items looked at most. However, not everyone knows that there is a system in place that can help determine exactly how serious the brain injury is.

The Glasgow Coma Scale allows doctors to get an accurate idea of just how serious a brain injury is and determine the steps moving forward. The Glasgow Coma Scale is broken down into multiple parts, all of which are meant to determine the responsiveness and function of the victim.

For instance, the doctor may test on the injured individual’s ability to open their eyes. There are five different grades that a person can receive regarding this function, ranging from non-testable (NT), none (1), responds to pressure (2), responds to sounds (3), and spontaneous (4).

Similarly, verbal responses are gauged on a similar scale. These are graded with the following:

  • The injured is non-testable (NT)
  • The injured is not speaking (1)
  • The injured is making sounds, but not saying words (2)
  • The injured is saying words, but they’re not coherent (3)
  • The injured is simply confused (4)
  • The injured is orientated (5)

The last function that would be tested would be motor response. In a similar grading system, they may be listed as non-testable (NT), none (1), there is some extension (2), the injured displays abnormal flexion (3), the injured displays normal flexion (4), the injured is localizing (5), and obeying command (6).

The Glasgow Coma Scale adds up the scores from each of the three tested functions. Should the score fall between 13 and 15, this would be considered a mild brain injury. A score between 9 and 12 is considered moderate, but 8 or less would be a severe traumatic brain injury.

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