Questions to Ask When Hiring a Lawyer for a Personal Injury Case

attorney shaking hands with a clientAny time you think of a legal battle, it’s easy to feel anxiety and stress about what to do, what comes next, and how to handle the whole thing. This is no different in personal injury law, but when you’re already dealing with your physical and emotional pain, you don’t want to have to worry about the legal system.

For anybody enduring an injury as a result of someone else’s negligent actions, it’s imperative to take action and pursue justice and compensation for any and all damages experienced. As such, you want to know what to expect, which means having an experienced attorney on your side.

Before you hire just anyone to represent you, though, you want to ensure you’re asking specific questions to help make the right decision on your choice of lawyer. Here are some of the questions you should consider during your consultation to determine if the lawyer is right for you.

What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

Unfortunately, many people want to know the value of their case before they continue with taking legal action, but this isn’t always possible. Determining value can be difficult and varies based on a number of different factors involved in the act that caused your harm and your losses.

When looking at the value of a case, the courts must consider economic and non-economic damages first and foremost. There is also the possibility of receiving exemplary damages.

  • Economic damages are any and all expenses that resulted in a direct loss in your monetary value. These losses are directly associated with a specified amount that can be shown through bills, receipts, and more. This includes medical expenses, pay from work, medication, and more.
  • Non-economic damages are those that cannot be quantified directly with a specific amount. This includes pain and suffering you experienced as a result of the injury and the amount awarded to you is typically under the discretion of the courts.
  • Exemplary damages serve almost in the same manner as punitive damages as you may receive additional compensation when it is determined the defendant acted in malice. However, where punitive damages are designed to punish the defendant, exemplary damages do not deter this type of action; rather, they’re just used as additional compensation for you.

What Is Your Experience In My Type of Case?

Experience can prove to be very beneficial in any personal injury matter. It is often the difference between walking away with nothing and winning the compensation you need to move forward. This is because lawyers with significant experience have a firm understanding of the courts in the area, the defendants’ tactics, and the most favorable way to position your case.

Finding out how much experience an attorney has can give you peace of mind in a complex time. You don’t want to have to worry about the legal matters—and having a lawyer with significant experience allows you to focus on your own health and well-being while negotiations and trial is being handled by someone who has done it before.

What Benefits Can I Expect from Hiring You?

You always want to know what to expect when hiring an attorney. This may include how the lawyer communicates with you, whether they’ll be handling the discussions with insurance companies, the resources to which the attorney has access, and more.

All of these are crucial for several reasons:

  • Communication: This is one of the most important factors plaintiffs should look for when hiring a lawyer because it tells you a lot about to expect. Communication is key to building trust, and you want to ensure you have access to your lawyer when you have questions or need your concerns addressed.
  • Dealing with the insurance: You should know that any personal injury matter can involve large insurance corporations backed by strong legal teams. Their focus is to pay out the lowest settlement amount possible and help protect the insurance company’s profit. You want to hire a lawyer you can be sure is willing to deal with the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Access to resources: The resources a lawyer has can prove to be the most beneficial evidence you need during a personal injury case. Being able to use an accident reconstructionist, medical experts, medical records, and more can help to prove that the other party was considered negligent in causing your injury and they should be held accountable.

How Can I Afford to Pay for Your Services?

One of the biggest deterrents when hiring a lawyer is the potential costs. Most individuals don’t understand how fees work when it comes to hiring a personal injury attorney, so they don’t do it, and they don’t take legal action.

Most think that they simply cannot afford to hire a lawyer, but the real question is, can you really afford to not hire a lawyer?

You may be dealing with costly medical bills and the need for additional medication, medical equipment, or care. You may be unable to work and earn an income because of the injury you sustained. How can you be expected to hire legal representation?

Fortunately, many personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which allows individuals enduring financial hardships after a negligence-related injury to pursue compensation without concerns of paying for legal representation. You’re able to secure representation and your attorney fee comes out of the recovery you are awarded. The attorney only gets paid if and when they can successfully help you obtain compensation.

What Can I Expect In the Process?

The timeline concerning a personal injury lawsuit can be complex, but you should contact our firm immediately following the injury to start your representation right away. Waiting too long can either damage your case, or if you miss the statute of limitations, your right to take action can be forfeited entirely.

Knowing what to expect during the process can keep you confident and give you peace of mind that your rights are being protected. Be sure the attorney you hire can explain the process to you, as well as explain what options you have at each stage.

When you have a personal injury matter to deal with, it can be easy to feel confused about the situation. You don’t have to go at it alone and choosing a lawyer to help you through every step can keep you informed of what’s happening and allow you to make the decisions that work best for you and your situation.

At Fieger Law, we’re working hard because our clients need—and deserve—it. We understand how difficult this time can be for you. As such, we go the extra mile with your rights and best interests in mind, focusing on obtaining the most favorable outcome on your behalf.

Our Michigan personal injury lawyers will be by your side every step of the way. Let us fight for you and give you the voice to obtain justice.

Call our firm today at (800) 294-6637 and speak with us about what your rights and options are moving forward. If you’ve been injured due to negligence, know that you have rights that need protecting. We’re the team to help.


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