What Happens When a Product Failure Causes a Crash?

brakes on a vehicleProduct defects are common in many industries. You read about recalls regarding home appliances, electronics, and more. Unfortunately, automobiles and the parts that help them run also encounter recalls because these products may have defects.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides information regarding automotive recalls, including those for brake failure, airbag problems, engine issues, ignition trouble, and more. Many crashes unfortunately arise prior to a recall taking place.

Determining if a Product was Defective

An investigation can help you determine the cause of a car accident and whether a defective product was involved. In many situations, it’s vital to look at the vehicle’s brakes, engine, steering wheel, and tires for potential problems.

If a defect was present, you must show that this was the cause of the accident. For instance, brake failure can lead to a vehicle behind you being unable to stop. If you see a vehicle traveling quickly towards your rear-end, and a crash occurs, you may have to investigate beyond potential driver negligence to determine if the vehicle’s brakes were bad.

The Manufacturer’s Liability

Manufacturers are liable if their products are the reason for a crash. Regarding car accidents, the manufacturer may often commit a manufacturing or design defect, which means the part was not manufactured or assembled correctly, or the part’s design did not work for its intended duty.

Technological Defects

A lot of the newer vehicles on the market have adaptive technology that is supposed to help drivers on the road. Unfortunately, these can have defects as well.

  • Autonomous driving: While the newer vehicles have very few instances of severe crashes, there are still issues that can arise whenever someone is not paying close attention to the road. One fatal crash involving autonomous vehicles occurred in 2018, but investigators considered human error the cause of the crash.
  • Brake assist failure: Brake assist symptoms have been recalled in numerous vehicles over the last few years. These parts are supposed to help stop a vehicle faster. Whenever the brake assist fails, you may not stop in time when approaching traffic.
  • Forward-collision warning: Many vehicles can now warn drivers when there’s a potential forward collision about to occur. The sensors detect slow-moving or stopped vehicles. If this system fails, it can cause disastrous results.
  • Pedestrian Detection: When pedestrian detection fails on a vehicle, it can be catastrophic for the individual walking without protection. Unfortunately, many vehicles experience defects, and this is a possible problem that may arise.

Product liability and car accidents can often go hand-in-hand, so it’s vital to have a legal team with knowledge of the laws to help you pursue compensation

At Fieger Law, our Michigan car accident lawyers are ready to navigate the process on your behalf. We’ll deal with the insurance company to protect you from their tactics. Trust us to be the voice you need to move forward after a difficult situation.

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