men talking after a car accidentThe moments following a car accident can be difficult to navigate, especially if you consider some of the potential obstacles that may exist. There’s the unfortunate situation of dealing with the responsible party and insurance company when shock and adrenaline are still running high.

For any individual harmed in a car accident, there are things that they must know following a crash in order to protect their rights in the most effective manner possible. It’s imperative for individuals to know what steps to take.

Because there are a number of legal difficulties involved, failure to protect your rights may mean that you are unable to seek compensation after the accident. There are common pitfalls that people encounter that harm their case.

In order to give potential accident victims the knowledge they need, our Michigan car accident attorneys put together a guide that can help you after an accident so you know what to do, what to expect, and what must be done to pursue legal action.

One of the first things that happens in nearly any accident—except when a driver is responsible for a hit and run—is the parties will exchange the necessary information to help move forward with a claim. Typically, this means these documents will be involved:

Make sure you take down all information accurately and in its entirety. You don’t want to run into any potential issues because of a missing number on the contact information.

In many cases, accidents are witnessed by pedestrians, other drivers, or individuals who may have been in a nearby building. These people can be beneficial to you if you pursue legal action because they can help back up your story.