When Medical Conditions Cause Car Crashes

If you’ve been involved in a collision where the other driver suffered a medical emergency, you might wonder about your rights and options. Despite the involuntary nature of these situations, you might still be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Car crashes caused by medical […]

How to Prove a Truck Driver Was Driving Distracted

A semi-truck accident can happen in an instant, resulting in severe injuries for those in smaller passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, distracted driving due to fatigue, inattention, or use of technology such as inputting GPS direction or texting is a major cause of big truck accidents. According […]

How Do You Prove a Misdiagnosis Was Negligence?

Medical misdiagnosis can have devastating consequences for patients, leading to delayed treatment, unnecessary procedures, injury, and even death. Proving that misdiagnosis resulted from negligence can be challenging, but it’s crucial when seeking compensation in a medical malpractice claim. At Fieger Law, our Michigan medical malpractice […]

What Counts as “Reckless Driving”?

Reckless driving is a dangerous and negligent behavior that endangers the lives of all motorists. In 2022, reckless driving was responsible for 2,491 crashes and 93 deaths on Michigan roads. If you are injured by a reckless driver, you have the right to seek compensation […]

Accidents Caused by Cargo or Debris Falling from Trucks

Properly securing all cargo on commercial trucks is necessary to prevent hazardous debris from falling onto the roadways. Federal regulations mandate that truck drivers and companies adhere to specific cargo securement standards to ensure the safety of other motorists. These rules include using proper restraints, […]

How Serious is a Broken Hip After a Fall?

A broken hip, also known as a hip fracture, is a serious medical condition that occurs when the upper portion of the thigh bone breaks or cracks. Most commonly, it is caused by a fall, particularly in older adults. A broken hip can have significant […]

How Speed Impacts the Seriousness of a Car Crash

When a car accident occurs, the speed of the vehicles involved directly impacts the severity of the crash. Even a difference of a few miles per hour can alter the outcome of an accident, leading to life-changing injuries. In Michigan, you can seek compensation if […]

Why Are Motorcycle Riders Often Blamed for Their Own Crashes?

Motorcycle riders are often subject to blame and criticism when it comes to accidents and crashes. Whether it results from societal biases, misconceptions, or a lack of understanding, placing responsibility on motorcycle riders for their own accidents is common. This blame often ignores the circumstances […]