NYT Retro Report: A Right To Die?

“We were opposed by the prosecutor, the governor, the legislature, the police, and the churches. They did everything they could to get him,” Geoffrey Fieger says in the video. “At that point, there was a tacit understanding to leave Dr. Kevorkian alone. We had won. […]

Fair & Just Questionnaire: Beth Fieger Falkenstein

Growing up in Oak Park, Mich., Beth Fieger Falkenstein was often outshined by her outspoken older brothers, Geoffrey, and Doug. She learned early to speak up and fight for her share of the spotlight. Today, Beth is a television writer in L.A. for sitcoms like […]

Fair & Just Questionnaire: Gerry Spence

Gerry Spence, of Jackson, Wyoming, has practiced law for more than 50 years. Well known for his trademark fringed jacket, he is founder of the Spence Trial Lawyers College. He’s tough and has never lost a criminal case. He has tried and won many nationally […]

Geoffrey To Speak On Criminal Justice And Race

Geoffrey Fieger is honored to be part of the upcoming “Diversity and Justice” symposia presented by University of Michigan-Dearborn’s College of Arts, Sciences & Letters. Geoff will join Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy; Michigan ACLU’s Mark Fancher; and UofM Sociology Professor Dr. Alford Young to […]

Fieger Files $54M Suit Over Destruction Of Bloomfield Hills Trees

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., Jan. 21, 2015 – Nationally-known Attorney Geoffrey Fieger announced today he has filed a $54 million lawsuit on behalf of Bloomfield Hills residents regarding a secret scorched earth campaign by DTE and Davey Tree to clear cut Michigan’s hundred-year-old Hardwood trees. In December […]

$20M Verdict Named Highest In 2014

Geoffrey Fieger’s $20 million birth trauma verdict in Barker vs. Hutzel Hospital was named the number one largest in Michigan last year according to Michigan Lawyers Weekly. The case involved a pregnant woman who was being held at Wayne County Jail when she started going […]

Fieger Files $50 Million Lawsuit Against Smart Bus

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Nationally-known Attorney Geoffrey Fieger announced on Dec. 10, 2014 that he filed a $50 million lawsuit against SMART Bus as a result of the death of Sally LaMay, 37, mother of two, which occurred Nov. 25, 2014. LeMay was crossing Crooks Road […]

Geoff Celebrates 35 Years With SBM

Geoffrey Fieger marks his 35th anniversary with the State Bar of Michigan this year. Geoff’s late father, Bernard, who founded Fieger Law in 1950, stood by his side when he was sworn in, in 1979. Geoffrey went on to win $1 million in his first-ever […]

Guilty Verdict In Fatal I-75 Crash

DAYTON, Ohio – Nationally known trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger announced on Nov. 17, 2014 that a Dayton, Ohio, jury returned a verdict against Complete General Construction Company of Columbus as the result of a July 13, 2012, pre-dawn traffic crash in a construction zone on […]

Fieger Weighs In On High-Profile Right-To-Die Case

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who represented Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s right-to-die-with-dignity activism throughout seven successful trials, weighed in on assisted suicide activist Brittany Maynard’s high-profile decision to take her own life. Maynard gained national attention when she moved from her home state of California to Oregon in […]