video cameraWhen most people think of premises liability lawsuits, they’re quick to think of the most common situations such as slip or trip and falls. There are other circumstances involved, though, such as the potential
for insufficient security on a property.

Because acts of violence can be considered a negligent action under personal injury law, businesses and properties must ensure sufficient security to protect individuals from harm. When this does not exist and someone is attacked, the victim can pursue legal action against the property owner.

Security is needed in various businesses, especially when there are large groups of people and other factors can come into play. For instance, in a hotel there should be security to ensure guests are safe and free of harm.

Similarly, if someone is walking in a parking lot late at night, there should be some kind of security on patrol to prevent harm from occurring. Failure to provide this security can result in a victim suffering serious harm in an act of violence.

We’ve witnessed numerous situations in which people suffer injuries because there is no security around—such as the recent story from a theme park in California where individuals fought for minutes before security arrived.

Should you suffer an injury at the hands of someone else when security should have been present to protect you, there may be legal action available to pursue compensation for the damages you may have sustained.

At Fieger Law, we look at the elements involved to determine if the property owner was responsible for your injuries. If so, we’ll build a strong case strategy on your behalf and work to pursue the compensation you need to cover the expenses associated with your injuries.