Woman On Her Cell After A Car Accident When a car accident occurs, it’s easily one of the more difficult things a person can experience because of the sudden shock, as well as the long-term impact. What most people know is that they may be able to seek compensation for injuries they sustain.

However, one thing that some people are still not aware of is that emotional damage may also be considered in a car accident case. But how?

There are a lot of different effects of car accidents, but some individuals may develop post-traumatic stress disorder as a result. This means they continuously relive the moment of the accident and it causes uneasy feelings of stress and anxiety.

At Fieger Law, we want to make the legal complexities of PTSD after a car accident clear.

Injuries are not always physical. In fact, even in the event a car crash leads to no or minor physical injuries, it is often the emotional damage that does more harm. This is because individuals often play back the crash in their minds.

Emotional trauma can cause individuals to experience triggers in their everyday lives which can result in feelings of anxiety and stress. These triggers could include anything from cars honking to the sound of impact. Anything that reminds survivors of their crash can cause them to flashback.

For some who have developed PTSD after a car accident, it’s easy to remove themselves from situations similar to the one they were in when the crash occurred. For example, some individuals may avoid ever driving again because they fear being involved in another accident.