A volunteer was changing soda pop cartons in the basement of Moose Lodge when she was overcome by an invisible, odorless poison. Five days later, Mary Simpson died of severe brain damage from lack of oxygen.

During her time in the basement, Ms. Simpson was exposed to lethal amounts of carbon dioxide. The soda pop syrup system discharged an entire tank of the colorless and odorless gas into the Moose Lodge basement. While serious, this malfunction should not have claimed the life of Mary Simpson. The pump was supposed to be vented outside with the installment of a simple hose. Instead, the equipment was negligently installed and the pump emitted CO2 into the basement with no ventilation, trapping the gas in the enclosed space with a vulnerable human life.

With the help of our founding partner and nationally renowned trial lawyer, Geoffrey Fieger, the Simpson family was awarded $8 million. After 2 weeks of testimony and 2 hours of deliberation, the jury found the Northville Moose Lodge and Leonard’s Syrups liable for the wrongful death of Mary Simpson, who died from carbon dioxide poisoning.

According to Attorney Fieger:

“For 5 years, The Northville Moose Lodge and Leonard’s Syrups have tried to evade responsibility, even though the police and MOISHA investigated and found that an improperly vented pipe was responsible for this preventable tragedy. The jury had no trouble finding the truth.”

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