How Long Can Your Employer Delay Pay in Michigan?

Employees count on payday to come as expected so they can pay their bills and meet other financial commitments. Not receiving your pay as scheduled can be a stressful experience that requires legal assistance. Michigan laws protect employees from employers who fail to pay them […]

How Michigan’s Minimum Wage Laws Protect Employees

Michigan’s minimum wage laws are the state’s way of creating a fair balance between the rights and duties of its employers and employees. Your employer is legally obligated to pay you the wage rate set out by your state. The wage rate is typically adjusted […]

Can I File a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit if I Didn’t Report It?

In recent years, the #MeToo movement has brought attention to sexual harassment at work and how it affects workers’ lives. About 40% of women and 16% of men say they were sexually harassed at work, a figure unchanged since the 1980s. However, 99.8% of people […]

Can I Be Forced to Work Off the Clock?

If there’s one thing most American workers have in common, it’s the pressure from their employers to be as productive as possible. In some cases, they’re even asked to do work outside of their normal work hours. For example, many retail and food and beverage […]

What Are the Most Common Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Several state and federal laws protect workers from sexual harassment. Sadly, laws themselves aren’t enough to prevent workplace sexual harassment, though they do offer workers legal recourse when they’ve been harassed at work. Every worker needs to know that they have a right to a […]

Truck Drivers, Have You Been Misclassified?

Most truckers work hard and have responsibilities unlike those of any other worker. Over the past few decades, a truck driver’s workload has increased while the pay and benefits have steadily declined. One of the biggest factors fueling this change is the misclassification of truckers. […]