woman driving while distractedAny kind of car crash can be daunting to endure, especially when they result in severe and potentially catastrophic injuries. In many situations, the cause of a car accident involves negligence. Whenever this occurs, the responsible party may be liable for the damages you sustain.

It may seem challenging to prove liability, but if you can recognize the potential causes of your crash, you can make this process easier to navigate. Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common causes of car accidents, as well as who is most often responsible when they occur.

Any of these causes can result in T-bone collisions, rear-end accidents, and head-on crashes. All of these can lead to catastrophic injuries.

The following are some causes of crashes:

We’ll explain more about these negligent acts below. Continue reading or click on any of the links above to read that section.

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In most crashes, both parties get out of their vehicles and start exchanging information. You may find it easy to place blame on the other driver. The other driver may refute that claim and state you were at fault for the crash. In some situations, though, neither driver is responsible for the crash.