More than 200,000 winter-related crashes have occurred in the past five years in Michigan. Drivers may be surprised to learn that they are still liable for personal injury and vehicle damage even when they skid on ice.

Many ice-skid car crashes occur because a driver was driving too fast for the weather conditions. If you or a loved one is a victim of a car accident involving winter weather-related conditions, contact an experienced car accident lawyer at Fieger Law to determine if you are due compensation.

Speed Limit vs. Too Fast for Conditions

Drivers are often confused about why they are liable for an accident even though they were driving under the speed limit. When the weather is poor in Michigan, it is illegal to drive faster than is reasonable and proper considering the conditions. That’s why driving too fast in poor conditions can lead to liability for accidents.

In addition to reducing vehicle speed, other reasonable and proper driving practices in poor conditions include:

  • Not using cruise control: Cruise control is unsafe when road conditions are snowy or icy. When a car starts to skid, the cruise control accelerates the wheels to maintain a constant speed. This increases the likelihood that a driver loses control of their vehicle.
  • Putting turn signals on early: Since cars take longer to stop in winter road conditions, drivers should indicate turning and stopping earlier than usual. This gives other drivers adequate time to react safely.

If you are involved in an accident where the other car skidded on ice, you should contact the police and fill out a report. Information on the other party’s speed, whether they were driving distracted, and if they were following reasonable and proper driving practices can support the narrative that they were negligent.

The Detroit car accident lawyers at our law firm can help you navigate the documentation process and the insurance claim for your car accident. We can also determine whether a negligent driver is liable for your injuries and vehicle damage.

No-Fault Insurance Considerations

In Michigan, a significant portion of your accident compensation comes from PIP benefits through the no-fault insurance that Michiganders legally need to drive. No-fault insurance pays for medical bills, lost wages, replacement services, and damage to others’ property. The benefits are paid out regardless of who caused the accident.

Contact Fieger Law if you have been in an accident to ensure you receive the maximum compensation from the insurance companies.

Our Attorneys Are Ready to Help

Poor weather conditions and icy roads are not valid excuses for causing a collision. If you or someone you love is a victim of an automobile crash, you need to protect your best interests with an experienced vehicle accident lawyer.

At Fieger Law, we want to help you get the compensation you deserve from insurance companies and liable parties. We are based in Michigan, but we serve clients across the U.S.

Fieger Law attorneys work with you to ensure you understand everything from filing a police report to communicating with insurance companies and getting compensation from a negligent driver. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your claim.