We know that the holidays bring about an increase in potentially drunk drivers. Unfortunately, these drivers lead to an increased number of crashes and injuries. It helps to recognize the various signs of negligence that could indicate a drunk driver is nearby. If you see a drunk driver, stay clear and report the driver to the local authorities. Never attempt to pass a driver you suspect them to be intoxicated.


Drivers who are intoxicated are more likely to swerve into other lanes as they suffer from cognitive impairment and other problems that impact their ability to drive carefully. If you see a driver swerving from lane to lane, it could indicate that they’re distracted, tired, or drunk. In any case, don’t try to pass the vehicle as the driver may swerve into your car.

If you’re driving late at night and see a vehicle without their lights on, it could be an indication of negligence. Unfortunately, this reduces their visibility and may make it more difficult to see the vehicle whenever you’re approaching them.

Erratic braking can be a sign of a drunk driver, especially if there’s nobody else on the road in front of them. If the driver in front of you brakes for no reason, it may be due to them being intoxicated, and their depth perception is flawed.

No Lights

A drunk driver may speed up and then slow down randomly once they recognize that they’re going much faster than they should. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems, whether you’re in front of or behind the potentially drunk driver.

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