Fatigue: One of the Major Problems for Truck DriversTruck drivers are often unappreciated in the world for their contributions. They’re on the roads for weeks at a time, away from family, and essential in ensuring products and goods get from one area to another.

However, part of the job is long hours that don’t often get looked at. And sometimes, these long hours result in tired and fatigued drivers who can—unfortunately—make serious mistakes when on the road. Here’s why it is such a problem.

When a driver is tired, lacking sleep, and has fatigue, they are often without their typical cognitive and motor abilities which typically helps them drive in a reasonable and safe manner. Their depth perception may also be impacted.

Without these abilities, crashes become more possible, putting individuals in significant risk of suffering serious injury. Fatigue can also impact the decision making abilities of the driver, such as avoiding dangers or changing lanes quickly in the event of an unforeseen stop.

When a driver is working longer hours than regulations call for or not getting enough of a break, they can be significantly fatigued and putting themselves at significant risk of something going wrong, such as falling asleep at the wheel.

When this happens, the driver does not have the ability to properly control the truck and it’s easy for them to swerve, crash into other vehicles, and cause significant pain to the passengers in the vehicles with which they collide.

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