Attorney Geoffrey Fieger and Michael Hanna of Morgan & Morgan announced today the filing of a lawsuit against Beaumont Hospital and its recruiters, Crossfire Managed Services and Med National Staffing Solutions, regarding abhorrent sexual harassment allegedly committed by Beaumont’s Director of Environmental Services against Delmita Dickey. The lawsuit alleges that Beaumont’s Director conveyed a quid pro quo policy to Ms. Dickey and indicated that her job would be in jeopardy if she refused sexual relations with him. The lawsuit also alleged that Beaumont’s Director subjected Ms. Dickey to unwelcomed touching and sent her numerous inappropriate text messages, including multiple graphic images of his penis. Ms. Dickey contends she objected to the sexual harassment, but her employers refused and/or failed to investigate the misconduct. Ultimately, Ms. Dickey alleges she was forced to resign because of this sexual harassment.

“The facts of this case, as alleged in the complaint are as horrific a case of sexual harassment as I have ever seen. I hope that Beaumont Hospital does the right thing.” Geoffrey Fieger

“No one should be forced to choose between having sex with their supervisor and keeping their job. We look forward to litigating this matter.” Michael Hanna

Samantha M. Teal

Legal Assistant to Geoffrey N. Fieger