Our firm, Fieger Law, is pursuing a lawsuit against Meijer Corporation for the malicious and unlawful beating of an innocent customer, who suffered due to no fault of his own. Our client, David Bivins, was waiting in the hall of Meijer’s store at Woodward and Eight Mile in Detroit, for his fiancée Hilary Ross. This was their first date night out since the birth of their baby boy the week prior. Approached by a Meijer security guard who demanded to see his purchase receipts, David was senselessly and ferociously beaten with a night stick. As a result, his arm and leg were injured, and his teeth were knocked out.

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger is headlining this case, insistent on correcting the horrid injustice our client suffered. He spoke on the details of the case, stating: “This unjustified and intolerable attack was documented on video both inside and outside the store. I call upon the powers that be to bring charges against the assailant. At trial, I will ask the jury to punish the defendants for their conduct in the form of punitive damages in an amount in excess of $25 million.”

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