Nationally known trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger announced today that a jury sitting in the courtroom of the Honorable Ronald J. Schafer of Montcalm County Circuit Court, has awarded his client in excess of $4.5 Million Dollars. The award, coming late on Friday, December 13th, is the largest in Montcalm County history.

After a three-day trial, the jury announced its verdict in the case of the Estate of Robert Densmore vs. Scott Allen Dalrymple. On June 23, 2017, the date of his wife Cora’s birthday, Robert Densmore, age 77, was killed when the Defendant Dalrymple, for no reason whatsoever, rammed his truck into the back of Mr. Densmore’s pick up, as he was turning left, and pushed him into oncoming traffic on M-46 near Six Lakes. Dalrymple was charged and convicted.

World famous pathologist, Werner Spitz M.D., testified that Mr. Densmore lived for approximately two to three minutes after the two impacts, and then died, because of blood loss from a torn aorta.

Fieger stated:

“I took this case because I was told by many lawyers that the good people of Montcalm County did not value human life the same way it is valued in fancy towns like New York and Los Angeles. I thought that was disgusting and untrue. I came to Montcalm County to prove that a Montcalm County jury values the lives of Montcalm County citizens as much as anywhere in the United States.”

Fieger has won more million-dollar cases then any lawyer in the United States.

Samantha M. Teal