Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who represented Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s right-to-die-with-dignity activism throughout seven successful trials, weighed in on assisted suicide activist Brittany Maynard’s high-profile decision to take her own life.

Maynard gained national attention when she moved from her home state of California to Oregon in order to find shelter under that state’s Death With Dignity Act.

With help from the non-profit Compassion & Choices, she chronicled her battle with a rare and terminal brain cancer, her move to Oregon, and her ultimate decision to end her suffering on Nov. 1, 2014, at age 29.

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, who defended Kevorkian through seven successful trials and helped bring the issue of physician-assisted suicide out of the shadows and into public discussion, commented on the case during a live radio interview with WWJ on Nov. 3, 2014.

“It has to do with personal freedom,” Geoffrey said. “If we don’t have that freedom in America. If we aren’t free to make decisions about how much we have to suffer at the end of our lives without government or other people telling us, then we are not free. If we don’t permit the same beneficence and kindness that we show to our animals – for ourselves – there is something wrong with us.”