Nationally known trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger has today filed two (2) suits on behalf of Midland Michigan flood victims. The class action suits were filed in the Michigan Court of Claims and the Midland County Circuit Court. Both suits allege that the owners of the dams, and the State of Michigan were negligent in maintaining the dams. As a result of their negligence, the dams overflowed and collapsed, flooding hundreds of homes and buildings, and emptying existing lakes created by the dams.

Fieger stated: The damages in this case certainly exceed a billion dollars. Most of the losses are uninsured. The citizens of Midland deserve justice, and I will get it for them. I am aware that several out of state law firms have come to Midland to offer their services. Midland citizens know me, they do not know them.

Fieger Law is presently handling all the Legionella cases arising from the Flint Water crisis. Fieger Law represented thousands of victims of downriver flooding in 2006, in the largest flooding class action of its kind. Fieger has also represented victims of Hurricane Katrina.

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Geoffrey N. Fieger