Group home residents often struggle with serious physical or mental limitations that can greatly affect their quality of life. Outings arranged by the staff of the group home offer residents an opportunity to take part in enjoyable activities outside the facility. But it’s essential that these activities are arranged in the safest manner possible.

A poorly managed outing can quickly become disastrous for group home residents and put them at risk of injury. If serious injuries happen to residents, it could be the fault of the group home’s staff. In most cases, dangers can be avoided and prevented.

Let’s look at four of the most common dangers group home residents face on outings, and how the actions of staff members could contribute to these risks.

1. Getting Lost or Separated

One of the biggest dangers facing group home residents on an outing is getting lost or separated from their group. Though guards or staff members are often stationed at group home facilities to prevent a resident from wandering off, this task is far more difficult off-site.

2. Experiencing a Medical Emergency

Many group home residents have very serious health conditions. Those conditions are more likely to cause serious issues if a resident is far away from a medical facility, as is sometimes the case on a group outing.

3. Vehicle Accidents

In many cases, group home outings happen via buses or vans. If the driver of that vehicle isn’t experienced and focused on the task of driving safely, all the residents in the vehicle are at a serious risk of injury or death in a crash or collision.

4. Slips, Trips, and Falls

One of the most common off-site injuries that happens to residents are those involving slips, trips, and falls. Falls can result in traumatic brain injuries, broken hips, or any other number of serious injuries.

How Group Home Management Contribute to These Dangers

Those who oversee and work at group homes know all too well what can go wrong on an outing, and they should be prepared for nearly any complication. Sadly, these professionals sometimes fail to prepare, and it’s the group home residents who suffer.

Group home managers and caretakers introduce unnecessary risk when they:

  • Fail to assess a resident’s fitness for an outing.
  • Inadequately staff for an outing.
  • Employ an inexperienced or negligent driver to transport residents.
  • Fail to closely monitor all residents for the entirety of the outing.

If your loved one is injured during a group home outing or in any other preventable scenario, you should consider your legal options to get them the care and compensation they’re legally entitled to.

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