Spinal Cord InjuriesMuch like any other personal injury matter, spinal cord injuries are often the result of serious acts of negligence. While there are some situations in which diseases or other natural causes could be the root of a spinal cord injury, some of the most causes are those involving the preventable acts of another person.

It’s an unfortunate situation and those impacted have rights. However, knowing what the exact causes of a spinal cord injury can help individuals protect themselves. If someone sustained the injury already, knowing the causes can also help determine liability.

The term whiplash is often thrown around when individuals are involved in a rear-end car accident. This is because the individuals in the front car may experience a jolt that throws their head back and then forward again. This can cause a spinal cord injury. In fact, roughly half of all new spinal cord injuries each year are the result of motor vehicle accidents.

Slip and falls account for a majority of spinal cord injuries in individuals over the age of 65; however, they account for about 15% of all spinal cord injuries that occur. This is because of the potential landing positions of the injured party and what they can land on.

While many people don’t like to think of criminal actions, certain acts of violence can lead to permanent damage to the victim. As a matter of fact, gunshot wounds and stabbings result in roughly 12% of all spinal cord injuries.

They’re not often talked about, but sports injuries and other recreational activities account for nearly 10% of all spinal cord injuries. This includes impact collisions in sports and certain incorrect movements or diving into shallow waters.

When negligence is involved in causing a significant spinal cord injury, the individual impacted has the right to pursue legal compensation with the help of a Michigan spinal cord injury lawyer.