Signing PaperEmployees in various workplaces are classified in a manner that dictates how they may be paid and the benefits to which they are entitled. For some, this could mean the individual is an employee of the company. For others, though, they may be classified as independent contractors.

Some employers misclassify individuals. The decision to misclassify a worker is typically based on wages and the employer’s unwillingness to pay certain amounts or benefits to the employee. If the employee is misclassified, they may have the right to pursue legal action.

Some of the most common types of misclassifications involve part-time, temporary, substitute, probationary, and casual labor workers. These workers are considered employees, but some companies fail to report the wages received by them and they may be typically paid in cash.

Misclassified workers may face these problems:

Employers may misclassify employees for a number of reasons, including the following:

When misclassification impacts the employee and costs them specific wages and benefits, the employer should be held fully accountable for their actions.

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