drowsy driverThere are many dangerous actions that negligent drivers do on the road. While drunk driving, distractions, and speeding are three of the most common causes of crashes, there must also be a spot for drowsy driving to be in the discussion.

Fatigue is not discussed as often as the other forms of negligence. Unfortunately, it’s something that countless people do on the road, especially when you consider most people think they can drive even if they’re “just a little tired.” However, the numbers show that this is a more dangerous act than most think.

For many years, the reported averages had drowsy driving accounting for roughly 1 to 2% of all auto accidents. However, a
recent study performed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that these numbers are much more than people initially believed.

In fact, the numbers are actually around 8 to 9% of all accidents. AAA also performed a survey and the numbers showed that 29% of all those they talked to admitted to driving while so tired that they had trouble keeping their eyes open.

If you find yourself constantly yawning, nodding your head, or having trouble keeping your eyes open, it’s imperative that you stay off the road. If you are already driving, however, there are a few things you want to ensure you’re doing to keep yourself and others safe.

Before you even drive, though, it’s essential to ensure you get enough sleep and avoid driving at hours where you may be most fatigued.

At Fieger Law, we know that there are problems you may encounter on the road. It’s vital for you to stay safe, but if you do suffer harm because of someone else’s negligent actions, our Michigan car accident lawyers are here for you. Trust that we’re ready to help you through all complex matters.