Gavel and breifcaseSettling might seem like an uncomfortable concept, evoking doubt about your attorney’s willingness to fight for you during trial. However, in some car accident cases, a settlement can serve your best interests, which is ultimately what your lawyer should be fighting for.

A settlement is essentially a formal resolution to a legal dispute, without the need for a judge and jury. This process will almost always begin with a low offer from the at-fault party’s insurance company, which should never be accepted. A powerful demand letter that includes a counter-demand is usually the next step, though negotiations will likely continue. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to pay out as little as possible.

A skilled personal injury attorney is a necessary and effective ally to have in this process, especially since negotiations often hit a standstill.

If the insurance company remains resistant to accepting a reasonable offer, your attorney will take the case to court. This involves a discovery process, during which all pertinent information will be gathered, including medical records. Taking a car accident case to court does not mean you can no longer settle your case. If you receive an acceptable offer at any time throughout the trial, you can still settle. The best option depends entirely on the circumstances of your case and whether or not you have received an offer that will adequately compensate you for any injuries and damages sustained.

The Southfield car accident lawyers at Fieger Law have won more than 165 verdicts and settlements of $1 million or more for auto accident victims nationwide. We refuse to back down or settle for less and, if necessary, are prepared to face off against insurance companies.