scales of justiceFar too often, we hear about innocent individuals suffering harm due to one form of negligence or another. Reckless driving, acts of violence, preventable mistakes; whenever any of these happen, individuals can suffer significant harm and life-changing injuries.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the rights they have following any kind of injury when that injury is caused by someone else’s actions. Typically, these fall under a category of personal injury law. However, there are many types of cases that can fall under this practice area.

Understanding your rights is imperative to moving forward and pursuing the compensation you deserve. This also means recognizing the type of case you’ll be filing and recognizing how an attorney can help you with the complex legal process.

Motor vehicle accidents are most often the common cases held under personal injury statute. They involve a wide array of vehicles and situations as they can cause significant injuries to all parties involved. Here are just a few of the most common accidents involving motor vehicles:

While countless construction workers wake up everyday and go to a job where they expect to be safe, there are far too many instances in which safety protocols are violated. This puts construction workers at significant risk of injury—as well as pedestrians around the work site.

Construction workers are supposed to have specific safety equipment, functioning tools, and other protocols to keep them out of harm’s way. But there are numerous situations in which their well-being is put aside for the focus of profit and time.

For instance, if a worker is supposed to be working at a high point in the construction site, they should be provided a harness to strap to a surface to keep them from falling. Similarly, those on the ground should have hard hats to protect themselves from falling objects.