recreational vehicleMany people enjoy their recreational vehicles (RV) because it gives them the option to travel in comfort. However, as great as these vehicles are, they are not without their flaws. There are many situations in RVs where those who inside can suffer significant harm.

Of course, there’s a possibility you will be involved in some type of collision, but there’s another danger of which you may not be aware: carbon monoxide. This one can lead to fatal damage to anyone who is exposed for too long.

Carbon monoxide can leak into an RV if there’s a problem such as a crack in the exhaust pipe or another issue. The dangerous gas can fill the cabin, and, in most cases, there is a carbon monoxide detector that will go off and alarm you of the hazard, allowing you to clear the space.

Unfortunately, there are some situations in which these detectors fail due to malfunction. If this happens, you may not be aware of the leak and you can suffer prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide. It’s vital for the manufacturer of the RV to ensure a working carbon monoxide detector is present. You should also be sure to test them regularly.

Carbon monoxide has been referred to as the silent killer, and rightfully so. Some of the most severe symptoms that can arise can lead to death. Even when it doesn’t cause fatal harm, there are other situations that can cause severe symptoms such as:

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