doctor and patientThere are many things that you need to do after a car accident, but one of the most important for your health and your claim is seeing a doctor. There are numerous issues that often come into play following a crash involving an injury, including latency issues, but there are a few things
that you should know about what comes next.

Seeing a doctor is imperative, and it’s something that should be communicated from the very beginning of the process, so insurance adjusters know what to expect.

At the slightest hint of pain, you want to make sure you see a doctor as you may experience latency issues or injuries that become apparent later on. This is also one of the reasons you should never say that you’re not hurt at the scene of the accident. Make it clear that you want to get seen by a medical professional just in case you do have something wrong.

Some injuries can take days to manifest, initially feeling like just a small sore. Don’t discount the potential of a serious injury. Make sure you get some medical attention to start treating any injury you do have.

After a crash, visiting a doctor does two very important things for you. First, it helps you start your treatment options. Your doctor can diagnose your injury, its severity, and the various ways to undergo treatment. Your doctor can also determine if you will be out of work for a specific period of time.

Second, it allows you to build medical records from the accident. While a doctor will also have records indicating any pre-existing injuries, having your new ailment in your record can help to show the insurance company that you were in fact hurt in the accident.

Our Michigan car accident attorneys know how to utilize medical records to help prove your case. At Fieger Law, we utilize all of our resources on your behalf, working to get you the answers you need and the outcome you deserve.