tired driverWhenever you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, you must ensure that you’re staying as safe as possible. This means taking the opportunity to not only learn about negligent actions, but also recognize the various ways to determine if someone on the road near you is driving recklessly.

One potential negligent action is drowsy driving. Even if you are the most alert driver, others may drive while fatigued, and this can lead to serious problems. To stay as safe as possible, it’s vital for you to recognize the signs of drowsy driving, so you know how to avoid others on the road who may potentially cause you harm.

Unfortunately, drowsy driving is more prevalent than most think. It has the potential to cause a severe crash, and oftentimes, drivers exhibit some of the signs of negligence as they would if they were distracted or drunk. If you’re on the road, be sure to look out for drivers who:

The moment you recognize any of these signs, you should be sure you take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe.

Aside from recognizing negligence, you must know what to do when you notice it so you can stay safe. First, you want to ensure you contact local authorities like you would if you encountered a drunk driver. Much like drunk driving, fatigue driving is a negligent act and authorities should be aware of drivers on the road who can cause significant harm.

Make sure you stay clear of a drowsy driver. Don’t try to pass them. Instead, give the drowsy driver space and make sure you have enough time to react to their actions.

Our Michigan car accident attorneys at Fieger Law are here to help if you suffer severe injuries because of a drowsy driver. We’ll be there to safeguard your rights and pursue the compensation you need and deserve.