Roughly 33% of car crashes could be avoided if everyone made a conscious effort to prevent careless and reckless driving. While you can’t control how others act behind the wheel, knowing these signs of negligence on the road can prepare you to identify and avoid a potentially dangerous driver.


Following too closely is a sure sign of careless or reckless driving and is liable to cause a rear-end collision if you brake too quickly or move out of lane. If a driver is at an unsafe distance, try to let them pass you or pull over if it is safe to do so. Equally important is that you never “brake check” or attempt to “punish” a tailgating driver, as that would potentially leave you at fault for the crash.


Beware any driver who is weaving through traffic or struggling to stay in their lane. Likewise, try to minimize lane changes as much as you can. Each successive lane change dramatically increases the risk of a crash.

A driver swerving at night should raise a huge red flag. If you see a driver struggling to stay in their lane after dark, they could be intoxicated or too drowsy to drive safely. In either case, you should try to give them as much space as possible and pull over if you suspect they’re unsafe to drive.


A driver who waits until the last second to hit the brakes is careless, if not reckless. If you hear the squeal of tires when approaching a stoplight, it means the driver is braking too fast.

A driver who slams the brakes can quickly lose control of their vehicle and may drift out of their lane or even spinout, especially in the winter. If you see someone who isn’t braking safely, allow for an additional car length of space when following behind them.


More than half of all car accidents occur at night, and visibility is a huge contributing factor. Some drivers forget to turn on their headlights in urban areas and rely on streetlights to get them home.

Not using headlights significantly increases the chances of being involved in a crash, especially a pedestrian accident. If you see a driver who doesn’t have their headlights on, flash your brights at them as a friendly reminder.

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