Woman Suffering with PTSD After Car AccidentAccidents are far too common and individuals suffer severe injuries as a result. Negligence leads to harm and those responsible should be held accountable for the injuries sustained. But while there is plenty known about physical injuries, there are other types of damages that may develop.

In terms of personal injury law, non-economic damages may be available to victims for pain and suffering arising after a car accident. Typically, this means the emotional damage that the victim must endure after the crash.

One thing that is not often thought about for car accident victims is post-traumatic stress disorder. This is commonly a term coined for soldiers returning from war who have vivid memories of the different things that occurred in their lives.

For victims of car accidents, the effects can be similar and PTSD is a real thing. It’s an emotional issue that some accident victims may experience and it warrants discussion regarding:

Here are some of the things you need to know:

When individuals are involved in a serious car accident, the brain works differently in terms of remembering the event. Certain parts of the brain remember the event differently, with some of the factors of the accident remaining as a signal of stressors in the brain.

For instance, if during the crash, there was a horn honking or tires screeching in order to brake. Moving forward, these may be triggers to the survivor of a car crash. The sound of tires screeching could bring up feelings of stress and anxiety in a survivor.