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Nov 9, 2020

Nov 9, 2020

driving in bad weatherThe holiday season is fast approaching. When you consider the change in
weather, the potential for more negligence on the road, and other dangers,
it’s vital for you to recognize how to stay as safe as possible.
Even when people may not be going out as much as they once did, it only
takes one negligent person to cause significant harm.

As with any holiday season, it is still vital to ensure you know what to
be aware of on the road and how some of these create potential dangers.

The holidays are often a time when people are going out more, spending
time with their families, and celebrating. This often translates into
potential drinks or driving late at night. As such, there’s always
the possibility that more tired or drunk drivers are on the road, creating
dangers that could lead to significant harm.

You can see many highways and roads become packed with vehicles around
the holidays as people travel to see loved ones. Even though we’ve
come to expect an increase in traffic, it doesn’t always make it
easier to navigate.

More cars on the road creates more chances for potential collisions.

While many people are aware of the dangers of driving while intoxicated
and rely on rideshare apps, there are still potential dangers involved.
Unfortunately rideshare drivers are often distracted by their phones and
scanning the sidewalks. They also may be unfamiliar with certain areas
and traffic patterns, and their sudden stops can create a severe problem
on the road.

When you combine negligence, bad weather, and more people on the road,
it’s a recipe for disaster. Our Michigan
car accident lawyers at Fieger Law are here to help you during your time of
need. If you suffer severe injuries because of negligence, we’ll
help you understand your rights to pursue justice and compensation.