construction worker injured on floorOn a construction site, there are significant problems that can arise. Unfortunately, there are far too many situations in which construction workers suffer injuries. Some of these are complete accidents, but others may be the result of lack of safety.

It’s important for construction workers to have adequate safety protocols and equipment that allow them to work without harm. In some situations, workers provide their own equipment, but there are also other situations where things must be provided by the company. Similarly, property owners must ensure the premises on which the individuals are working is safe as well.

It’s important for workers to have all equipment necessary to stay safe on a construction site. This includes all of the following items:

Without this specific safety equipment, workers are at significant risk of harm. The injuries that can be sustained include traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, burn injuries, internal organ damage, broken bones, and more.

Whether the injuries are the result of inadequate training, improper maintenance, safety code violations, or even electrical shocks, it’s important to recognize who is responsible. Many cases can go against contractors who hire you or the owner of the construction site, depending on the situation.

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