4 Trucking Regulations Infographic Odds are, if you’ve ever driven a good distance, you’ve seen the many large commercial trucks that are often very prominent on the road. These are often needed to help transport goods from one destination to another.

They’re essential to the way many people live their lives and while not all of them are negligent, there are some situations when someone in the trucking industry acts in a negligent manner and puts many individuals at significant risk of an injury.

Large trucks can create a plethora of problems when someone associated with the job is not diligent in ensuring there are proper safety protocols in place. Much of this means ensuring that the regulations governing the trucking industry are followed.

When violations occur, and the regulations are not followed properly, there is potential for significant dangers. Here are some of the regulations that must be followed, the potential dangers that may exist, and what rights victims may have in the event of an accident.

In the trucking industry, certain regulations dictate how much weight a commercial truck can be with the cargo intact. This is a set amount across the board generally, but some roads or highways may have a lighter weight limit, restricting the number of commercial trucks that can travel across them.

The weight limits are not the only regulations in place, however, as it must also be ensured that the trailer and items within it are properly loaded and evenly distributed. This makes it so the weight is even across the entire trailer.

Failure to abide by the weight restrictions in place, or loading the cargo in a matter where one side is heavier than the other presents serious risks to the truck driver and to other individuals on the road, especially in certain conditions.