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Jan 16, 2019

Jan 16, 2019

Most people are aware of the common causes of truck accidents and how serious
they can be. They recognize driver negligence, trucking company negligence,
and other issues that can arise. However, one thing that’s not always
discussed when it comes to trucking accidents?

Man with WrenchProduct liability.

In some cases, there are defective products that make their way onto the
truck and present a number of potential issues to the driver and others
on the road. This can come in multiple forms, including the following.

Brake failure is a serious problem that can occur on a large commercial
truck. These trucks often travel on highways in excess of 50 miles per
hour. The inability to stop this heavy truck at this speed could put others
in significant danger.

It’s important for the brakes to be checked regularly and changed
if anything is considered defective or off about them. It helps to ensure
safety on the road and prevents truck drivers and others from being injured.

The hitch that connects the trailer to the truck must be working properly
and safely before the truck begins traveling to its destination. Should
it fail at any point, the disconnect could send the trailer in any direction,
causing collisions with anything in its path.

If the truck driver has trouble steering the truck because of a defect,
it can lead to them not making a certain turn or getting out of the way
of traffic. As a result, the truck can either go off the highway or collide
into other vehicles.