elderly person who slipped and fellWhile many slip and falls are looked at as not serious (some bruising and soreness), there are some situations in which the injured party suffers damage that can be considered catastrophic. Two of these injuries in particular typically have life-altering effects on the victim.

If you suffer a serious injury as a result of a slip and fall, it’s important to recognize where the injury occurred and if negligence was involved. It’s also important to recognize the most serious types of injuries that can occur as a result.

When someone slips, there is always the potential that the force of the fall can up-end the individual. As a result, it can be far too common when the victim lands on his or her head. This impact can be severe, and it can result in significant brain damage.

From concussions to brain bleeds, traumatic brain injuries often have life-altering impacts on those who suffer from them. If you fall on someone’s property and suffer a brain injury, you have the right to hold the property owner accountable under premises liability circumstances.

Many of the situations involving slip and falls result in the individual landing on his or her back. There are even some situations in which the individual can land on something else, like a curb or another obstacle, creating even more pressure on his or her back.

With enough force, this type of fall can result in significant spine injuries ranging from bruises to slipped discs to paralysis. These types of injuries can limit or even completely disable mobility.

Our team at Fieger Law recognizes just how serious injuries can be when someone suffers from a slip and fall. We are committed to helping those impacted understand what legal options are available to them to take the next step and pursue compensation.