Cyclists are vulnerable on the road, often suffering serious injuries or fatalities when involved in crashes with motor vehicles. In Michigan, there were 1,340 crashes involving bicycles in 2022, resulting in 36 deaths.

Although drivers frequently cause accidents involving cyclists, they sometimes attempt to evade responsibility. They might claim the cyclist came out of nowhere or wasn’t abiding by traffic rules to shift blame and avoid paying compensation.

Understanding the typical excuses drivers use to deflect blame is crucial in defending your rights as a cyclist. At Fieger Law, our Michigan bicycle accident lawyers specialize in countering these claims to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Take action now, and let us fight to help get you your rightful settlement.

1.    “The Cyclist Came Out of Nowhere.”

A frequent excuse drivers use after colliding with cyclists is claiming the cyclist suddenly appeared as if out of nowhere. This line of reasoning tries to place the fault on the cyclist, suggesting they weren’t making efforts to be visible or to make the driver aware of their presence.

Drivers are responsible for remaining vigilant and aware of their surroundings, including being on the lookout for cyclists. Our bicycle accident attorneys are ready to help you disprove any baseless accusations from negligent drivers. By collecting witness statements and traffic camera footage, we can show that you were cycling responsibly and not to blame for the accident.

2.    “The Cyclist Wasn’t Following Traffic Laws.”

Drivers often point the finger at cyclists, saying they caused the accident by not following traffic rules. They might claim the cyclist blew through a red light, didn’t signal, or ignored other regulations, implying that these behaviors were behind the crash.

To counter accusations of breaking traffic laws, our team of Michigan bike and car collision lawyers can gather proof such as videos from intersection cameras and eyewitness accounts. This evidence can help show that you were following the rules of the road, weakening any claims that your actions led to the accident.

3.    “The Cyclist Wasn’t Visible.”

Visibility is a major factor in cycling accidents, particularly during times when it isn’t fully light out or in poorly lit areas. 56% of fatal bicycle accidents in the U.S. happen in nighttime conditions or at dusk or dawn.

Drivers frequently argue that they didn’t see the cyclist until it was too late, blaming the cyclist for not wearing reflective clothing or their positioning on the road. However, a driver must stay alert and take the necessary steps to notice all users on the road. This includes driving at a speed that allows for actively looking out for cyclists and to react in time to avoid a collision.

At Fieger Law, we can support your case by investigating the lighting at the time of the accident, any visibility aids you were using (such as reflective clothing or lights on your bicycle), and what the driver was doing just before the crash. We aim to prove that you did everything possible to make yourself visible and that the driver’s negligence contributed to the accident.

4.    “The Cyclist Made Unpredictable Moves.”

Drivers might claim that a cyclist’s sudden or unpredictable movements led to the accident, arguing that this behavior made it hard to predict what the cyclist would do next. Although cyclists should ride predictably and signal their turns, it’s equally important for drivers to be cautious and ready to respond to any unforeseen actions from others sharing the road.

We can counter these accusations by showing that the driver didn’t keep a safe distance, misunderstood what you were planning to do, or made other mistakes that point to negligence, all to protect your claim.

5.    “The Cyclist Was Riding Too Fast” or “Too Slow.”

Some drivers try to deflect blame by claiming the cyclist was going too fast or too slow for the road conditions. It’s important to remember that cyclists are entitled to share and navigate the road safely according to the situation.

Fieger Law takes on these claims by inspecting the road’s conditions, the traffic flow, and whether the driver could have realistically adjusted to your speed. We can show you were going at a safe speed for the conditions and that the driver could have done something to prevent the accident.

Protect Your Right to Compensation After a Bicycle Crash

Injured in a bicycle accident? The driver at fault may attempt to blame you, but Fieger Law is ready to defend your rights and help ensure you secure the recovery award you are entitled to. Our legal team is not just qualified; we’re dedicated and proven. We have a strong track record of challenging the opposition’s claims and achieving settlements that cover losses such as medical bills and missed wages after bicyclists are struck by negligent drivers.

Don’t let another day go by without taking action. Contact Fieger Law for a free consultation. It’s time to discuss your claim and explore your compensation options. Assert your rights with us by your side.