individuals talking after a crashThe aftermath of a crash can be one of the most confusing situations you endure. You’re already thinking of ways to protect yourself and your rights. However, you also need to ensure that you’re staying safe while accomplishing these steps to avoid any further harm. This means there are certain things you want to keep in mind after an accident, so you don’t run the risk of more potential damages.

If you can, after an accident, pull your vehicle off to the side of the road before you get out to start exchanging information. With other vehicles around you, don’t assume that they’re all looking out for you. Instead, make sure you’re clear of all traffic.

If you get out of your vehicle in traffic, you run the risk of another negligent driver potentially crashing into you or into the vehicle behind you.

In the event your vehicle is immobile, and you can no longer move it to the side of the road, it’s vital to ensure there’s no surrounding traffic before you do get out of your vehicle. This is especially true if the crash becomes an emergency situation.

In any situation, if you can put up flares, reflectors, or any other signs indicating that you’re immobile, it can be helpful. In many instances, though, you may have to consider the third option.

If you are in a difficult situation, you may want to stay in your vehicle while reporting the accident to local authorities. This gives them time to come out, set a perimeter, and protect you while you continue the step-by-step process after a crash. Having local law enforcement keeps other vehicles away.

At Fieger Law, we want you to stay as safe as possible. Unfortunately, you cannot always prevent negligence. When something happens that causes you harm, our Michigan car accident attorneys will be by your side to safeguard your ability to pursue compensation.