The birth of a child should be an exciting time, but when birth injuries occur, it’s financially and emotionally stressful for the entire family.

Some birth injuries may result from a medical error when doctors and nurses fail to recognize the baby’s distress signs during the birthing process. These types of injuries may leave your family wondering how to proceed legally against the healthcare practitioners and the healthcare facility.

A birth injury attorney can explain the process of filing paperwork for a birth injury claim and help you get the compensation you deserve during negotiations. Working with one of our Michigan birth injury lawyers can help ensure you get the legal advice you need during this challenging time for you and your family.

How Can a Birth Injury Lawyer Help My Family?

Birth injuries often require expensive medical treatment and long-term care. Our birth injury attorneys strive to prove you have a strong case for receiving damages. We will recover evidence to support your claim, including medical records and qualified medical witnesses.

●      Medical treatment recommendations

If your child has suffered from birth injuries, you should seek treatment as soon as possible to reverse or correct the injury. How quickly you seek treatment may determine how effective it is.

●      Access to expert medical witnesses

Birth injury lawyers have access to a network of medical experts who can help with your birth injury claim. Nurse case managers, legal nurse consultants, and other medical professionals experienced in obstetrics or neonatal intensive care can review your medical records alongside your lawyer.

These medical witnesses can provide Affidavits of Merit that prove a standard of care was violated, and your child’s birth injury might have been avoided with adequate care from healthcare providers.

●      Handle all paperwork

Your birth injury lawyer can file all the paperwork needed to pursue your birth injury claim. They can send a Notice of Intent to the last known address of the healthcare practitioner or healthcare facility who allegedly caused your child’s injury.

This notice describes the issue, why you filed the claim, and alerts them to prepare for court. The Notice of Intent must be sent 182 days before filing a lawsuit with the Affidavits of Merit from qualified medical witnesses.

●      Collect evidence

A birth injury lawyer can begin establishing medical malpractice by gathering information about your medical history.

Your lawyer can also review any ultrasound photographs or other diagnostic tests you had while you were pregnant. They can review these with the help of their network of medical experts.

●      Negotiations with insurance companies

After gathering evidence, settlement negotiations with insurance companies usually take place. The lawyer can negotiate on your behalf for the maximum amount of financial compensation for the birth injury.

The compensation you may receive depends on the severity of the birth injury, whether it’s permanent, and the costs of ongoing medical treatments. Other considerations could include whether your child may need additional disability care such as full-time nursing care, ongoing therapies, and special medical equipment like wheelchairs.

●      Go to trial

It may be necessary to take the other party to court if they do not compensate you financially. Your birth injury lawyer will provide evidence in court. As your legal representative, they are required to prove your case against the other party, so the court can issue a judgment for the proper compensation.

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