skull xrayNot all injuries are created equal. Some are more debilitating than others, and in the legal realm, these are known as catastrophic injuries. This refers to injuries so devastating, so serious, and so harmful, the victim is often in a state of permanent damage or disability. These damages can involve either or both a physical handicap, as well as mental incapacitation. Not only is the victim left with a lifetime of costly medical expenses, he or she must also live with the possibility of never working or earning wages again, while coming to terms with the emotional pain and suffering of what he or she has endured.

Generally speaking, these injuries involve one’s brain or head, though they can also be connected to physical harm regarding one’s spinal cord. Common examples also include burns, organ damage, hearing or vision loss, multiple fractures, birth injury, amputation, and more. If you or a loved one has been injured in such a permanent and disabling way, it is important you don’t waste any time in enlisting the services of a Southfield personal injury lawyer who will thoroughly investigate the details of your case and hold the responsible party accountable for his or her negligence or misconduct.

Fieger Law is comprised of Southfield personal injury lawyers who believe few things are quite as important as delivering our clients the successful results they deserve. Relentless in our pursuit of justice, we are particularly passionate about protecting and promoting your rights–no matter what it takes. Allow us to be your reliable source of guidance throughout this process.