driver holding cell phoneDistractions are commonplace when driving. Even if the driver is not directly distracted by something in his or her vehicle, crashes, police stops, and other roadside activity can be enough to pull a driver’s eyes from the road.

Unfortunately, when someone drives without their full focus on the road, they run the risk of causing a significant crash. When it comes to distractions, there are three categories, each being as dangerous as the other. However, when all three are present at one time, the results can be disastrous.

Visual distractions can constitute anything that takes your eyes off the road. Some examples can include:

If you take your eyes off the road, a crash can occur in a matter of seconds.

Manual distractions are anything in which you take at least one hand off your steering wheel. Of course, it’s more dangerous to remove both hands, but even one hand being off the steering wheel increases your chances of losing control. Manual distractions can include texting, eating, or drinking.

Cognitive distractions are those that involve taking your focus off driving. You may be staring at the road with both hands on the wheel, but if you are singing loudly, daydreaming, or talk on a hands-free device, you still run the risk of encountering a severe crash.

If you suffer an injury resulting from a distracted driver, know that you can hold him or her accountable for the damages you sustain.