Truck crashes often cause catastrophic injuries to drivers and passengers in smaller vehicles. The larger mass of commercial vehicles causes excessive structural damage to cars and leaves truck crash victims with life-altering injuries that require long-term treatment and rehabilitation for recovery.

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Who Is at Greater Risk of Injury?

Occupants of a passenger vehicle face a far greater risk of injury and death than the truck driver in a commercial truck accident. The truck’s size makes its momentum harder to stop than the car’s, resulting in catastrophic damage to both the vehicle and its passengers. In 2019, 67% of people killed in collisions between large trucks and passenger vehicles occupied the passenger vehicles.

Types of Truck vs. Car Collisions

Several truck accidents that occur due to recklessness or negligence cause severe injuries. These include rear-end collisions, improper lane changes caused by driver fatigue, and trucks exceeding the speed limit.

Rear-end collision

A truck may hit your car’s rear end for many reasons, including bad brakes, an overweight load, drowsy or distracted driving, speeding, or following too closely. In most states, the vehicle that rear-ended another driver is liable for the accident.

Lane changes

Lane changes can lead to accidents when the driver neglects to check the blind spot before moving into your traffic lane. The driver may be distracted, fatigued, or impaired. Knowing who changed lanes is essential in determining who is at fault.

Driver fatigue

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 13% of truck drivers involved in accidents experienced symptoms of fatigue during the accident. Many truck drivers don’t get proper sleep, exercise, or nutrition, contributing to driver fatigue.

However, this doesn’t mitigate their responsibility to drive carefully and can be grounds for filing a truck accident suit with Fieger Law to obtain compensation.

Speeding trucks

Drivers of speeding trucks may lose control or fail to stop in time to avoid hitting another car, like one making a left-hand turn. Large vehicles traveling at high speeds pose a much higher risk of injury than cars following the speed limit.

If you’ve suffered severe injuries in a truck collision, contact the Detroit truck accident lawyers at Fieger Law to see if you’re entitled to compensatory damages for your injuries.

Truck Accidents Cause Severe Losses

The violence of collisions between cars and trucks causes severe damage to the human body, especially those in the smaller vehicle. Broken bones, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and massive internal damage are all possible after a truck collision.

These injuries cause a great deal of emotional distress for accident victims and their loved ones. The damages you suffer include monetary damages like lost income and medical expenses and non-economic damages like the inability to perform your normal activities and damage to your relationships.

A personal injury attorney at Fieger Law can determine a fair settlement for your physical and mental injuries and protect your rights to compensation.

How Does Legal Representation Help?

Personal injury lawyers who handle truck accident claims have experience negotiating with insurance companies. They also know the tricks trucking companies may use to avoid liability, like claiming the driver is a contract worker instead of an employee.

Your truck accident lawyer will determine how much financial compensation you should get by accounting for things like:

  • Loss of income
  • Medical bills like hospital stays and ongoing physical therapy
  • Expected future medical expenses related to the injury
  • Modifications required in the home or vehicle
  • Inability to help around the house
  • Loss of hobbies and recreational activities
  • Impact on your social life

All these factors, and more, go into creating a fair settlement. Hiring an attorney will help you hold the liable parties responsible for your injuries.

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Car accidents always present a danger, but collisions caused by reckless or negligent commercial truck drivers can cause significant life-altering injuries. Those injuries cause physical, emotional, and monetary damages. If you want to hold the truck driver and trucking company accountable, you need an experienced legal team.

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