employee uncomfortable around other employeesIn the workplace, suffering from any kind of sexual harassment can be a daunting experience. You may be unaware of your rights and you may not even know that you’re being harassed. However, there are some situations that you should understand in order to know who may be held responsible when you’ve been harassed.

There are several parties in the workplace who you may take action against and seek compensation for the damages you may have experienced. Here are some of the different individuals you may be able to hold accountable.

If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment at work, you deserve the right to speak with a legal professional to better understand your legal options to pursue compensation. You can hold the responsible party accountable and seek compensation.

Taking legal action requires the help of a dedicated and experienced Michigan employment law lawyer who can help you understand your legal options. You shouldn’t have to tolerate sexual harassment and having advocates on your side can make a world of difference.

With Fieger Law, you get the knowledge, skill, and experience you need to pursue the outcome you deserve. Let us put your rights first, hold the negligent party(ies) responsible, and help you pursue the compensation to cover any losses and damages you may have experienced.

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