rain drops on a puddleWe know it’s often rainy throughout Michigan, but it’s not always this way. There are some days when the sun shines, and the roads dry up. However, the first rainfall after a dry spell can prove to be the most dangerous for multiple reasons.

The potential dangers involved make it more essential for drivers to be careful on the road. You should know what problems exist with the first rainfall, so you can stay safe when driving, as well as watch for other drivers who may be negligent in this situation.

One of the biggest problems that you may encounter after the first rainfall is the slippery roads. During a dry spell, there’s a significant amount of oil that leaks onto the roads. The oil settles into the cracks of the concrete or dries out into large stains on the ground.

The first rainfall can bring these oil patches back to the surface, creating slippery road conditions. Those on the road can lose control of their vehicles when they encounter any of these patches, making it challenging to prevent a crash.

Not everyone prepares for the first rainfall after a dry spell, and it can cause significant visibility issues. For instance, if a driver fails to change out worn-down windshield wipers before the rain starts, the driver may be unable to see due to streaks from the wipers.

Not only are windshield wipers a factor, but there can also be issues involving fog. Whenever there is fog, visibility decreases drastically, making it challenging to see the cars in front of you. Be sure your lights are working, and you can defrost your windows when you’re hitting the road.

With Fieger Law on your side, you can feel confident that we’re focused on holding negligence accountable, even if terrible weather plays a role. Trust in our Michigan car accident attorneys to help you with the complicated matters you may encounter.