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Holding Product Manufacturers Accountable for Consumer Injuries

Fieger Law is here to stand up to large corporations who sell dangerously defective products on your behalf. Product manufacturers have an inherent responsibility to only sell products that are safe for use, and it is our goal to make certain they accept that responsibility, even when it means we have to take them to the courtroom. Since 1950, we have been fighting for the wrongfully injured, no matter the size of the opposition or the complexity of the case. If you or a loved one were seriously injured by a defective product, then our Michigan product liability attorneys want to know about it.

We can handle all sorts of product liability cases, such as those involving defective:

The product manufacturers we take to court on behalf of our clients know to be wary when our name comes up. We have record-setting verdicts and settlements, more than 50 years of experience, and a vast network of legal professionals from other firms and experts from different industries. When we are representing an injured claimant or plaintiff, insurers and the companies they represent know they are in for the fight of their careers.

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How Does a Product Become Defective?

To prove that your injuries or illness was caused by a dangerously defective product, we need to dig into the “how” and “why” evidence. In particular, we want to ask what happened to make the product you were using dangerous and how could that have been prevented if the product manufacturer had been more careful? In doing so, we can establish that the product manufacturer was negligent in the duty they owe to all consumers to only sell safe final products, especially when those products are used as intended or instructed.

There are essentially three main ways that products can be considered defective:

  • Design: When a product is dangerous the moment it is conceived, it is defective by design. The exploding Takata airbags that triggered the largest auto recall in history were defective by design because they were created with an unstable chemical reagent in the inflation device, a reaction that never should have been used in the first place.
  • Manufacturing: When an error occurs between the point of product design and sale or shipping, the product can become defective by manufacturing. For example, if a batch of ladders were sold with a missing lock mechanism, then they would all be dangerous to use due to a mistake while they were being manufactured.
  • Marketing: When the marketing or instructional material provided with a product is dangerously misleading, a product can become defective by marketing. For example, if a power tool was sold with no instruction manual, then it would be unreasonably difficult for someone to use it without putting themselves at risk of injury.

While proving when a product became defective might seem like a tall order for the average attorney, you should remember that Fieger Law in Michigan is comprised of above-average legal professionals. Together with our network of experts – like medical doctors, mechanical engineers, and more – we can build a strong argument and confidently aim to prove liability beyond a doubt.

Willing to Fight in Court or For a Settlement

Our Michigan product liability attorneys from Fieger Law are always ready for litigation in front of a judge and jury. However, product manufacturers commonly try to settle injury claims filed against them because that allows them to keep all the details of the case out of public records, effectively shielding their brand from bad press. We know how to use their nervousness to your advantage by pressing them for a maximized settlement amount during negotiations or mediation. If the settlement they offer is not enough based on how much you have suffered and the total amount of your medical bills and lost wages, then we will let you know and advise we move to litigate.

See the difference an award-winning, nationally recognized law firm can make for your product liability case. Call Fieger Law at (800) 294-6637 now.

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