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For thousands every year, a cruise is supposed to be a chance to get away from it all. But what if something goes terribly wrong? When you’re injured by an unsafe environment or negligent actions on land, personal injury law is how you seek restitution for your injuries. But at sea, it’s maritime law that applies. If you or someone you love has been injured on a cruise ship, a boat, a barge, or a jet ski, we can help.

The team of talented attorneys at Fieger Law are experts at navigating the complexities of cruise ship and maritime law. We have the best and brightest accident lawyers ready to fight for justice for you and your family.

What Does Cruise Ship Law Include?

Accidents on the water can include collisions, as well as injuries sustained on the boats themselves. In the case of cruise ships, accidents may include:

  • Slip and falls
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Crew member claims
  • Rape and sexual assault

Who Might Have A Maritime Claim?

  • Cruise ship passengers
  • Jet ski passengers
  • Seamen/deckhands
  • Barge workers
  • Longshore workers
  • Tug boat and tug boat pilots/captains

Our nationally-recognized team of expert attorneys have experience with cruise ship injuries and maritime law cases. We have won more than 165 verdicts and settlements of $1 million or more, and we will fight to win for you.

What Is Maritime Law?

Maritime law, also known as admiralty law, is the complex body of law that governs waters. It consists of both domestic and international law, and includes seas, lakes and rivers. It governs commerce and industry safety, and compensates people injured in boating or water-related accidents. It is a separate area of the law that is one of the oldest in history (some principles predate the country itself).

Because the body of knowledge for maritime law is so enormous, only a few lawyers practice it. Maritime cases require a law firm with experienced maritime lawyers.

Fieger Law Can Help With Your Maritime Injury

If you or one of your family members have suffered a cruise ship injury or has been injured on the water, call Fieger Law. We are here to investigate your claim. If you have a case, we have the resources to get you the justice you deserve, including compensation for injuries, pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages.

Don’t delay—contact Fieger Law today at 1-800-A-WINNER or tell us about your case using our online form. We will look into your case for free.

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